Case Studies

At Allweather, GullyHR's services initiated a transformation, turning an inexperienced candidate into a highly successful field sales representative.


Allweather, a unique wall painting company specializing in innovative exterior and interior wall coatings, operates in both Bangalore and Mangalore. They faced the challenge of hiring an inexperienced candidate for a field sales role and transforming them into a successful representative. The recruitment process was outsourced to GullyHR, a renowned recruitment agency with a track record of identifying and nurturing talent.


Allweather had a distinct product offering but struggled to find candidates with direct experience in their niche. They decided to explore hiring a candidate with no prior sales experience but with the potential to excel in a field sales role. The aim was to train and develop the individual into a high-performing sales representative.


Inexperienced Candidate

The candidate had no prior sales experience, which meant a steep learning curve.

Unique Product

Selling innovative wall coatings required deep product knowledge, which the candidate needed to acquire.

Two-Location Operation

Allweather operated in both Bangalore and Mangalore, requiring adaptability and extensive travel.


  • Recruitment by GullyHR Allweather partnered with GullyHR to identify candidates with potential rather than experience. GullyHR conducted an extensive search for individuals who exhibited key qualities such as enthusiasm, adaptability, and strong communication skills.
  • Structured Training Program Once the candidate was hired, Allweather designed a comprehensive training program focused on product knowledge sessions and field training with experienced team members.


The candidate identified for their potential by GullyHR was initially inexperienced but underwent rigorous training and mentorship. Over time, they transformed into highly effective field sales representatives for Allweather.


  • Sales GrowthThe candidate played a crucial role in driving sales growth for Allweather in both Bangalore and Mangalore.
  • Product Expertise Through intensive training, the candidate became an expert on Allweather's unique wall coatings, enabling them to address customer queries and concerns effectively.
  • Customer Satisfaction The candidate's dedication to customer satisfaction led to positive reviews and word-of-mouth referrals.

This case study showcases how GullyHR helped Allweather successfully transform an inexperienced candidate into a proficient field sales representative. By partnering with GullyHR and investing in a comprehensive training program and mentorship, Allweather was able to tap into the candidate's potential and turn them into an asset. It highlights the importance of looking beyond experience and focusing on qualities and potential when recruiting for unique and niche roles.